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Teeing off about trivia



you did say “arguably,” so here is the argument: TLO has around 10 to
15 teams per night per venue. TLO has two shows a week, one on Tuesday
and one on Wednesday.

Challenge Entertainment has
several shows Monday through Thursday and multiple venues. On Wednesday,
while TLO is running 10 to 15 teams at its one and only venue,
Challenge Entertainment is running 20 to 30 teams at one of many venues.
Tuesday night, CE has four trivia venues and two bingo venues.
Wednesday night, CE has eight trivia venues across the metro (one of
which is in Norman, which seemed to be highlighted in your article). I
will leave out the venues CE has on Sunday, Monday and Thursday since
you only mentioned Tuesday and Wednesday. So with CE having one show
(out of eight) on
Wednesday, pulling down an average of 25 teams, and TLO’s total weekly
numbers equaling around 25 teams, how is TLO the most popular?

it because the TLO show is more liked? Some of us have been playing at
the same venue with CE for over two years. I have even been to some of
CE’s Tuesday shows and seen TLO players become CE regulars.

I am not here to argue which is better. My point is, more teams and
more venues equals more people. More people who are doing the same thing
as the TLO fans.

you print that TLO is the most popular. Multiple venues with an average
of 20 teams made up of an average of 10 players each starting at various
times five days a week all over the metro and currently in a league
tournament for a metro championship with thousands of dollars in cash
winnings for the top league teams. That’s around 300 players on Tuesday
and up to 600 on Wednesday.

your “Trivial pursuits” headline correct? Maybe it should read, “We are
going to praise TLO so Patrick doesn’t attack us from his mom’s
basement.” About as insulting as a TLO article.

—Kyle Lucas, Oklahoma City

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