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'Terror' alert!



Credit: Brad Gregg

In a Warner Bros. Records press release, Lips front man
Wayne Coyne explains the title as only he can: “If we have love, give
love and know love, we are truly alive and if there is no love, there
would be no life,” he said. “The Terror, we know now, that even without
love, life goes on ... we just go on … there is no mercy killing.”

Er, yes. We agree!

Um, we think.

Anyhow, below are five typically oddly titled tracks from The Terror — OK, four. One of them we just made up. Can you guess which?

1. “Always There … in Our Hearts”
2. “Butterfly, How Long It Takes to Die”
3. “Be Free, a Way”
4. “The Theory of Purple Disruption”
5. “Look … the Sun Is Rising” Give up?

The answer’s colorful. Got it?

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