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Texan's cover of Hosty song irks some fans



Rockabilly-blues artist and one-half of the Hosty Duo, Mike Hosty, wrote "Oklahoma Breakdown," but the voice behind the No. 1 radio version is country artist and Texas native Stoney LaRue. His version of the song is seeing much success ... and a little controversy among territorial Hosty fans.

As he put it, "Who the F is 'stoney larue' ... ?"

"The song has awesome melody and amazing writing," said LaRue. "Never thought it would be a No. 1 hit, but it turned out everyone dug it so much. I was like, 'Hell, yeah, it is a good song.'"

Hosty also feels LaRue's take on his song is good, and he's not surprised a tune with Oklahoma in the title is so popular in Texas.

"No matter what the subject matter is, if music strikes a chord with people, they sing along, even in Texas," said Hosty. "OU kids can go back to Texas and say 'That's a Hosty song.' It's some Okie pride."

Though Hosty is happy with the success of LaRue's version, some Hosty fans aren't thrilled.

April Collins, 22, said feels Hosty isn't getting the credit he deserves.

"For a Hosty fan, it's pretty insulting for loyal Deli fans who hear 'Oklahoma Breakdown' every Sunday to not hear, 'This is from Mike Hosty from Norman, Oklahoma.' It upsets me," she said.

Allen Cotner, 26, said he's been a Hosty fan since 2002. At a concert last September, Cotner saw LaRue perform his version.

"He does the song justice," he said. "Imitation is the best form of flattery. I think the more people play the song, the better it is. Gets (Hosty) out there as a songwriter, not just a musician." "Heather Caliendo

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