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Texas-based trio Mothership is inbound to bring another helping of heavy rock ’n’ roll to its devoted Oklahoma City fan base


Mothership with House Harkonnen
Rainbows Are Free and Citadel
10 p.m. Friday
Blue Note Lounge
2408 N. Robinson Ave.
Texas-based trio Mothership is inbound to bring another helping of heavy rock ’n’ roll to its devoted Oklahoma City fan base — and maybe have a few beers with a some new followers while the band is here.

Still revved up from its first European tour, Mothership can’t wait to play for its Okie friends again.

“Everyone who comes out is really supportive,” said Kyle Juett, bassist and vocalist. “It’s nice to have some family up north that we can go join with and play some music for and have a good time.”

Kyle and his younger brother, Kelley, on guitar and backup vocals started Mothership with their dad, John Juett, on drums a few years ago. The multigenerational lineup was always temporary, but the year spent rocking with their father will be impossible to forget.

“I don’t know too many people who have had the opportunity to do something like that. It was a very memorable time, not only in my career but in my life,” Kyle said. “It just so happened to be the kick-start that we needed to get this whole machine moving.”

In his earlier years, John saw just about every band and filled their home with seemingly every record ever produced.

“There’s a lot of musicians out there that had parents who grew up in that era,” Kyle said. “It was only a matter of time before you started getting into the kind of stuff that your rock ’n’ roll parents were into.”

There is definitely a throwback vein in Mothership’s music; the long-haired Texans channel a bit of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and AC/DC.

“At the end of the day, we’re just trying to fill our own void,” Kyle said. “You can have influences all day long, but in the end you have to create your own music.”

John learned to play drums once the siblings started playing music together, and when Mothership blasted off in 2010, John was onboard. Eventually, he initiated Judge Smith as his replacement.

Mothership released its self-titled debut album last year and has been hitting the road and the skies to get the word out.

“We really felt like we were on another planet,” Kyle said. “It was like a journey — not only in our body but in our minds — going into a different realm of society and seeing that our music already beat us there. It was just one big, awesome, rock ’n’ roll experience.”

The best part of the European tour — which took them through London, Paris, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and elsewhere — was the Freak Valley Festival in Netphen, Germany.

“It was our first festival show. The crowd was very, very enthusiastic and welcoming,” he said. “Every city we played was wild, every night was wild. Even people who didn’t speak English knew our songs word for word.”

Sometimes it isn’t easy to play music and tour. Kyle said you have to be born to do it, but that compulsion drives them to want to write records and leave their stamp on civilization.

Mothership will release its second album on Ripple Music in November. Its first is available at The band will play the Blue Note on Friday.

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