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Texas metal band Upside lives to party



Upside just likes to get wasted and party, said the band's lead singer, Sid Goldsmith.

"It fits in the lifestyle. I think it's definitely part of our everyday life," he said. "It shows on stage, on record or whatever. I'm not saying you can't have great rock 'n' roll if you're sober, but I think it definitely works better for us."

Upside hasn't always been known as a Texas party-metal band. Actually, its beginnings were in Tulsa.

"At the time, we were kind of big fish in the pond in Tulsa," Goldsmith said. "And we wanted something to be a little bit more challenging for us, so we came down here to sink or swim, so to speak."

The band's friends " The Feds, another group from Texas " had a hand in plotting Upside's relocation. The Upside guys met The Feds about five years ago after a show in Tulsa.

"They kind of convinced us because we were living in Tulsa at the time," Goldsmith said. They were telling us what a great scene Texas had for what we were doing."

Goldsmith contends that the band's relationship with The Feds " a band Upside eventually moved next door to " wasn't the sole reason for the move.

"It wasn't just knowing The Feds," he said. "It had a lot to do with the state of the scene in Tulsa and Oklahoma in general at the time and just what we were trying to do as a band." "Bryan Mangieri

For the full story, pick up a copy of Oklahoma Gazette.

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