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Text-messaging Oklahoma City police officer under investigation



Oklahoma City police recently investigated one of their own for text-messaging a female fellow officer about more than her beat.


The officer " identified only as a sergeant with 14 years on the force " text-messaged a female employee who "received a photo message on her cell phone from the suspect at approximately 10:15 a.m. on April 5, displaying a photograph of his penis," according to a recent story in The Oklahoman.


The female officer reported the incident, which led to the discovery of prior incidents about which nobody snitched, police said.


"We just got the information "¦ on this investigation," Oklahoma City police Capt. Steve McCool said. "The latest victim has spoken up. In the prior incidents we learned about in the course of the investigation, nobody spoke up."


Appropriately, the matter was turned over to internal affairs, the story said. The deeper investigators probed, the darker the evidence became until they exposed the seamy underbelly of the city.


"We keep turning over a rock, and then turning over another rock and turning over another rock "¦ so we just don't know," McCool said.


Maybe they shoulda checked voice mail.


According to the story, the police found:

Five total paper documents, e-mails and text messages. One small piece of paper bearing a small, handwritten message. One photo from a cell phone message. 

Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty cited his right to remain silent regarding the evidence in the case.


"My investigators are working it "¦ internal affairs is working," Citty said. "If they've collected e-mails, they must suspect it being related to some sort of evidence in the case."


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