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That 70's Show' star to DJ at Electro Lounge



Danny Masterson, star of Fox's long-running sitcom "That 70's Show," will DJ on May 9 at the Electro Lounge.
Masterson, aka DJ MomJeans, started DJ'ing in 2000 just for fun, but it eventually turned into a passion.
"I just had a lot of records. I started DJ'ing with a friend at a club. I would just come in and play some of my records, too," Masterson explained, "I started doing it every week. Then, I became good friends with DJ AM and he told me I needed to started mixing my songs together so the beats match, and I was like, 'What's that?' When he showed me that, it opened up this whole new world, and that's where the technique comes in."
Masterson is touring with DJ Steve Aoki. The stop in OKC wasn't originally planned until the pair met Electro Lounge DJ John Bourke at this year's South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.
"We met John ... and he was fucking great," Masterson said, "That's why we got excited to come through Oklahoma. He was like, 'You guys coming through Oklahoma City?' and we were like, 'Sure! How much money?' and he said, 'Not much,' but we said, 'Fuck it.'" "Graham Lee Brewer

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