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That’s kick-bass!



Credit: Brad Gregg

We speak of the Sooner State’s showing on Bassmaster magazine’s second annual ranking of the 100 Best Bass Lakes in America. The results were announced (with baited breath?) late last month.

Landing at the top was some lake in Texas, but who cares, because this is Okie territory we’re
talking about. Our own Grand Lake landed at No. 17 on the list, followed
by Lake Konawa and Arbuckle Lake in the 29th and 56th slots,

rankings were determined using metrics that included something called
“catch rate and shock data,” which sounds ominous to those of us who
don’t speak angler.

“The process is as all-encompassing and data-driven as we can make it,” said James Hall, editor of Bassmaster. “Our goal is to identify the hottest lakes in the country so fishermen don’t have to worry about doing the research.”

Hear that, all you gents with floppy hats bearing hooks? You can cease your scholarly researching and just grab your poles.

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