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The 7th Dawn



This vehicle for William Holden takes place in Malaysia — shot on location, even — as World War II comes to an end. He's Maj. Ferris, while the character played by Susannah York (read: Superman’s Kryptonian mom) is named Trumpey, which will make any "MST3K" fan snicker in delight each time it's spoken. Together, they bungle in the jungle as they try to play nice with a guerilla army (read: Communists), but flat acting reigns throughout.

For example, an Asian man proposes marriage to York, but she turns him down, and he doesn't even bat an eye; her response jolts him as if he'd just been told, "One drop of rain just fell on your shoulder."

More drama than adventure, "The 7th Dawn" only swings with Riz Ortolani's swank score, which ironically sounds every bit as Italian as his others, despite "Dawn" an Asian-centric picture.

I dunno, maybe your grandfather liked it, but I'm calling it good for only two groups: Holden completists and peeps who will watch anything with a monkey. —Rod Lott

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