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The Adelante! Gallery\'s \"Asian Fusion\" show highlights new paintings by Stephanie Brudzinski



"Asian Fusion: Art for a Change"
Thursday, ongoing
5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, opening reception
Through April 24
Adelante! Gallery, 3003 Paseo

Local artist Stephanie Brudzinski's art has transformed drastically since her childhood, from mashed pet food to mixed visual media.

Ever since she was a little girl who played in stinky, wet piles of dog food at the Purina plant, Brudzinski knew she would become an artist. Using a passion to empower people, along with her struggle with chronic asthma, she created pieces of art dedicated to another passion: the environment.

But in her upcoming show, "Asian Fusion: Art for a Change," she painted with the hope of making a global change.

"'Asian Fusion' was inspired by the (Work of Women) program," she said. "It's a member organization that supports a better life for women in isolated villages, particularly Asia. That was my inspiration: to help women around the world. I feel that women are the caretakers of the future, and in some countries, they are just second-class citizens."

Brudzinski presents her new work from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday during an opening reception at the Adelante! Gallery, 3003 Paseo. At the opening, she will speak with visitors about her art, while Oklahoma violinist Kyle Dillingham performs pieces from his recent concert series in Asia.

"Asian Fusion" will remain on display through April 24. For more information, call 525-4039 or visit "Luke Atkinson

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