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The B-52's - Funplex



It's been nearly 16 years since the quirky pop-synth stars have put out a studio album, but The B-52's haven't spent the years with ears shut. The band's latest, "Funplex," is a likable assortment of electro-dance songs that are easily enjoyable for old fans and unfamiliar audiences.

"Ultraviolet" is more of the vintage B-52's sound' loud and trashy, as is the fun heart-starter "Hot Corner." The album's opening track, "Pump," showcases the band's fun formula with delicious synthesizer leads, clanky garage guitars, dance drums and a crooning Kate Pierson.

Fred Schneider lyrically gestures with his usual campiness throughout most of the songs on "Funplex," which, true to the spirit of all the group's studio efforts, all sweat sex. "Eyes Wide Open" is a steamy disco floor number with mashed, heaving bodies led and orchestrated by Schneider's exclamations.

"Funplex" doesn't "Rock Lobster," but still shakes the shack.

"?Joe Wertz


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