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The Batman/Superman Movie / The Batman vs. Dracula



ntique dragon made of Kryptonite. Batman flies into the picture as well, and he and Supe forge a reluctant partnership against their arch-enemies while they battle for the heart of sultry journalist Lois Lane. While Luthor tries to distance himself from the plot to off the Man of Steel, the Joker finds plenty of help from nutty sidekick Harley Quinn and his robotic, spider-like killing machines.

Animation is slick; the writing and direction are top-notch. It's not often that one can see a cartoon translatin g well to live-action, but this one is more than cohesive enough to make that leap.

Ditto for "The Batman vs. Dracula," a moody creature feature that plays upon the character's dark, Gothic roots for a man-vs.-monster tale. The Penguin brings the vampire lord back to life, so there's hell to pay in Gotham City, what with multiple vamps running loose.

Both movies come packaged with lots of Bat-extras, more geared toward younger viewers.

"?Rod Lott


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