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Tuna steak at Club One15
Credit: Shannon Cornman

And a number of hot new downtown night spots are sure to help keep you in motion.

Pack on the pounds and shed them right off at Club One15, 115 E. Sheridan. The venue provides all the amenities of an upscale restaurant, along with the features of an opulent nightclub.

The two-story club houses high-tech lighting machines that will make you feel as if you’re dancing in your own 3-D music video.

Owner Jason Thompson said he was inspired by European clubs when dreaming up the ambience of Club One15.

“I have traveled around the world, and in most of Europe, you not only get quality sound systems in a nightclub, but wall lighting systems are very prominent, too,” he said. “I wanted to bring something to the OKC club scene that was different in a big way. Our LED wall lighting system was it!” Those flashing lights are sure to coax you to the dance floor, but Club One15 also has a first-rate restaurant that serves food until 1 a.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays.

Customers can enjoy no cover charge for the club by eating there after 10 p.m.

“And not just bar food, [but] good food.” Thompson said. “Everything from fresh seafood to cheese fries. There really is something for everyone.”

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Candy, 323 E. Sheridan. Bright and playful colors of the walls, decor and the staff’s attire all tie into the club’s name. Its manager, Corey Travis, said the place is designed for drawing women.

“We thought, ‘What girl wouldn’t want to come to a place named Candy?’ The idea was purely out of catering to a new type of crowd in Bricktown,” Travis said. “We wanted it to be light, bubbly and even a little girly. There isn’t one place in Bricktown or Oklahoma City that specifically caters to women.”

Music is a big part of it, of course.

Candy hires a drummer who jams with the DJ on Friday and Saturday nights.

While Candy was created with women in mind, Frequency Nightclub, 209 Flaming Lips Alley, aims for lovers of techno.

“Frequency is the first OKC nightclub whose concept is designed completely around sound,” said owner David Foster.

It features a 15-inch subwoofer wall, custom-built by Digital Designs that puts visitors inside the music. Foster hopes to use the club to showcase Oklahoma’s local talent.

“Frequency is all about keeping it local. [We plan on] using local artists, [the] local sound manufacturing company Digital Designs, local graphic design artists and OKC’s very own Trixies go-go dance performers.”

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