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The biggest loser



Last year, Mayor Mick Cornett was invited to participate in TED, a global conference movement that has been rapidly gaining interest in the past couple years or so. Seriously, everyone from Wayne Coyne’s quirky friend Amanda Palmer to our mayor have participated, talking about everything from The Art of Asking to how to get an overweight, car-loving metropolis to put down its fork and take a stroll.

Cornett actually spoke last April about the OKC Million about
the OKC Million program that he started in 2007 (it just now hit the
interwebs). He challenged our city to lose a collective 1 million pounds
— and we did! Cornett pushed us along by taking credit for construction
projects through the MAPS initiative. He helped transform our city of
cars into one of sidewalks and bicycle trails. (But for real, he won a
bunch of awards for it too.)

His talk, How an obese town lost a million pounds, can be seen at

is a big deal because in 2006, Oklahoma City was ranked one of the most
obese cities in the country. After 47,000 residents signed up for the
OKC Million health initiative, by January 2012, we reached our goal and
OKC was ranked among the top 10 fittest cities.

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