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The biggest problem with guns



The letter from Vance Armor (”Beware a well-armed government, Jan. 16, Oklahoma Gazette) indicates that he learned neither of those lessons, nor the ones taught in what was once called “civics.”

served on the committee for examining the “active shooter” issue for
the American College of Forensic Examiners. Our conclusion was that the
greatest problem we have with firearms is the growing number of radical
anarchists who see every effort to bring sanity to protecting
constitutional rights regarding firearms as an attempt to marginalize
civil rights and weaken the ability of citizens to control their
government. This attitude stems mainly from the lack of real-world
experience of these people, most of whom either ducked military service
or were found unfit to serve.

who has actually been in combat will tell you that the first lesson is
to respect firearms and the consequences of misuse or poor control. They
will also tell you that the oath to defend the Constitution does not
extend to mistreating the citizenry. I believe there would be mass
desertions and riots if anyone tried to force the military to turn on
the citizens.

On the
broad issue of control of access to firearms, I believe that those who
preach absolute freedom to “keep and bear arms” are ignorant of the
actual meaning of the decisions reached by the U.S.

Court on Second Amendment rights. You can keep your guns so long as you
obey the laws intended to protect the welfare of the rest of us. Mr.
Armor’s avowed nihilism and anarchic rhetoric gives me pause.

—Thomas Baines, Oklahoma City

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