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The Black Water Vampire



You aren't likely to read a review of The Black Water Vampire that doesn't reference The Blair Witch Project, and there's good reason: That 1999 smash's fingerprints are all over this found-footage effort, to the point that I could show you select stills from both and you wouldn't be able to tell which belongs to witch which.

From that, one can surmise it's about a ragtag documentary crew of young men and women with potty mouths who go into the words to get the bottom of a local legend and end up as midnight snacks. I'd say that the one thing Black Water has over Blair Witch is that the new film doesn't skimp on showing the supernatural being … except that the absence of it is what made that "old" film so scary. Here, a couple of shots are killer until they show too much of their CGI roots. 

Nice try, although far better found-footage thrills of late can be found below. For those still curious about this Vamp, understood, but do this: 

1. Skip over the entire, rather laborious first hour to get straight to the goods. 

2. Then stop it right before the laughable ending, which takes a cue from Rosemary's Baby … but not enough of it. — Rod Lott

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