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The Boz is back



Remember The Boz? The University of Oklahoma linebacker Bryan Bosworth, known for his radical buzz cut, wasn't afraid to criticize the NCAA by wearing a T-shirt that referred to the organization as "National Communists Against Athletes" in the 1980s.

Now The Boz is making headlines again. Bosworth alleges that John Blake (then an assistant coach at OU and later brought back as head coach after a pro stint in Dallas) introduced him to NFL agent Gary Wichard, according to the Yahoo! News Network. The NCAA, the NFL Players Association and the North Carolina Secretary of State are currently investigating the agent for potential improper conduct.

Attorneys for Blake have repeatedly denied that he acted as a recruiter during Blake's recent job as an assistant coach at North Carolina. According to Yahoo, The Boz initially declined comment on Blake but reconsidered when the assistant coach resigned Sept. 5.

"John said to me, 'Hey, I've set a meeting up with a guy who I really think you need to know, because he's going to change your world,'" Bosworth told Yahoo. "The only way Gary Wichard got to me was through John Blake. John made it clear that Gary was the only guy I needed to be with. Every meeting that I had with Gary was set up by John. John would even pick me up and take me there, whether it was at a hotel or whatever.

"You have to understand, John was the eyes inside the locker room. He was the fisherman and Gary was the cook," Bosworth continued. ""¦ As time went on, as I realized Gary got Keith (Jackson) out of Oklahoma, then he got Cedric (Jones), and it was like, 'OK, something's going on.' "¦ I was thinking, 'OK, there's a gravy train here, and I hope John isn't involved in it.'"

Yahoo reports that The Boz is suing Wichard, alleging that he encouraged him to sign with a business manager who previously engaged in "fraudulent activity."

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