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The Burning Hotels hear ceilings, write slowly, rock hard



The Burning Hotels
10:15 p.m. Saturday, Blackwatch Studios Stage, 107 W. Comanche

The Burning Hotels' guitars slash like a "Psycho" Norman Bates, a ringing vibration recalling The Strokes' "This Is It."

The prickly, post-punk churn ricochets around arrangements with the shadowy atmospheric sweep of British Sea Power or The Editors. Chance Morgan and Matt Moody share guitar-slinging, singing and songwriting duties in the Fort Worth quartet, which started in fall 2005. The band is preparing to follow-up 2008's "Eighty-Five Mirrors" EP next week with its full-length debut, "Novels."

Recorded in Dallas and at Blackwatch Studios in Norman, it displays tightened chops and bounding rock rhythms with a blend of dancefloor-ready vibrancy and crashing indie-rock guitars, making it hard to decide whether to nod your head or shake your ass. The 11-track disc was apparently a long time coming.

"Matt and I don't write songs as often most songwriters, so the songs accumulated over time "¦ months and years," Morgan said, adding that he and Moody spent 12-hour days holed up in the recording studio.

The result is an insidious, infectious release that showcases their gift for big, vigorous melodies highlighted by "French Heart Attack," among the first songs Morgan and Moody ever wrote for the band.

"Without alluding to the true happening, all kids leaving high school and entering college experiment with different things," Morgan said. "I'm pretty sure the ceiling was speaking to Matt, and a 'French Heart Attack' was born." "Chris Parker

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