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The City Lives record debut disc in Tulsa warehouse



With its first CD release show for "American Kids" on Saturday at the Conservatory and a tour in the making, metro modern-rock act The City Lives is busy trying to stir up record label interest in hopes of being the next band to break out of Oklahoma City.

"We've all been in bands that worked really, really hard and we thought would go somewhere, but they failed," guitarist Clay Bennet said. "From that, you learn a sense of humility. You really figure that being in a band is one of the most selfish things you can do. We're not doing this for anyone but ourselves. We are making music the way we want to make it, because we like it and want to listen to it."

"American Kids" takes a few pages from The All-American Rejects playbook, with catchy melodies and sincere songwriting aimed at catching the ears of record labels and radio disc jockeys. The album's solid production comes despite being recorded in four days for $40 in a Tulsa warehouse.

"I don't think we ever put any stipulations on the sound. It was whatever felt natural," guitarist Josh McCleskey said. "We almost had this cosmic bond from the beginning as we jammed. We'd look at each other and say, 'Did anyone else hear that? That was really good.'" "Charles Martin


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