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The Dangerous Book for Dogs - Rex and Sparky




If you are a dog and don't know how to "pick a pill out of peanut butter" or would like to know the flavor differences of common household shoes, "The Dangerous Book for Dogs" might be the perfect canine guide to bury under the bookshelf.

A parody of "The Dangerous Book for Boys," the book was pawed, er "¦ penned by Rex and Sparky, who might have had help from a wild pack of human authors: Joe Garden, Janet Ginsburg, Chris Pauls, Anita Serwacki and Scott Sherman "? all of whom contribute to the satirical newspaper The Onion.

"The Dangerous Book for Dogs" is read-out-loud hilarious, and arrived on my desk just in time for an eight-hour road trip with a noble and dignified 12-pound wrinkly, snorting fur-shedder.

Typically tasteless topics "? such as information on mounting "bitches" and the dining delicacies of both poop and vomit "? undergo analysis, each written with a highbrow literati tone, and accompanied by wonderful illustrations by cartoonist and author Emily Flake.

"The Dangerous Book for Dogs" should be funny even to a non-dog owner, but will ring extra-riotous to those "cur"-nnoisseurs out there.

"?Joe Wertz


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