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The Equalizer: Season One





About all I remembered of CBS' mid-Eighties series "The Equalizer" was its synth-tastic theme song by Steward Copeland of The Police. What I didn't realize then "? and couldn't have "? is how much the lead character is like a retirement-age version of Jack Bauer from "24."


See for yourself on "The Equalizer: Season One," collecting 22 episodes on five discs. Veteran actor Edward Woodward starred as Robert McCall, an aging detective who hasn't given up on his duties despite being in his 50s. After all, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and McCall is very much a hands-on man of action. He's a former secret agent turned freelance muscle-for-hire, when you need someone outside the law to "take care" of something.


Those who consult him via his classified ad get results, because McCall is a badass, making good on his " Equalizer" moniker through actual physical violence, from old-fashioned fisticuffs to martial arts.


The series captures New York City in all its Eighties-ness, but Woodward's performance "? rightly Emmy-nominated for five years in a row "? has aged as well as his character. This isn't some dowdy, dumbed-down senior-pandering show like "Matlock" or "Murder, She Wrote" "? it's the real deal for TV's detective genre.


Extras include a commentary track and a lone bonus episode from the second season. Hopefully, you'll be getting the others somewhere down the line. If not, I know who to call "¦


"?Rod Lott


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