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The Eternal Ones



High schooler Haven Moore has had visions ever since she could remember: 1920s New York, a man named Ethan and a fire. That's not normal for a small-town Tennessee girl. At least, that's what her too-religious grandmother keeps telling her.

But as the visions start increasing, Haven can't deny it anymore. She thinks she's remembering a past life, and a mysterious New York City society might be able to help.

Kirsten Miller has woven an intriguing mystery around a really interesting premise. Would you want to know if you had lived another life? What if your memories couldn't be completely trusted? Haven has to figure all this out as she reintroduces herself to a New York she's known before and unlocks her buried memories to solve a crime from her past life.

"The Eternal Ones" is a bit too churchy for me in parts, but it mixes very pretty imagery with a story that is equal parts mesmerizing and sinister "? seriously. There's a lot of killing in this one by people who seem flippant about the whole affair since, y'know, they'll all just come back anyway.

This is a quick, absorbing read that makes for a perfect lazy Sunday. "?Jenny Coon Peterson

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