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The Eyes of Charles Sand



Why not both? As his aunt (Joan Bennett, TV's Dark Shadows) informs Charles, now that he is the sole surviving son of the Sands, he and he only possesses powers of ESP, and with great power comes great responsibility — not to mention pesky, spooky visions of milky-eyed, heavily wrinkled corpses appearing wherever he goes. 

Made for TV in 1972, the 73-minute The Eyes of Charles Sand obviously had designs on being a weekly series of the supernatural — so obvious that the initially bewitching telepic loses a great deal of power when the focus shifts from its hero to Emily (Sharon Farrell, The Stunt Man). The unstable ginger in furs requires Charles' help, thereby establishing the template for the would-be show's Client of the Week. 

Maybe I would've watched for a couple episodes, maybe not. As is, the Warner Archive-released The Eyes of Charles Sand is too creatively iffy to tell.   —Rod Lott

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