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The Film Crew: Wild Women of Wongo




For the third expedition of The Film Crew "? those "Mystery Science Theater 3000" vets now charged with providing commentaries for films too bad to merit them otherwise "? the boys visit the island of Wongo, in the stunningly awful 1958 flick "Wild Women of Wongo." Of course, "stunningly awful" translates to "frequently hilarious" once the crew tramples all over it.


This tropical isle tale centers on a tribe of men and women who worship alligators for a god, wear loincloths and dance like they're having seizures. The men feel threatened by the arrival of a muscular guy "with lady skin" via canoe, who warns of impending invasion by a race of "ape men." Boredom ensues.


So slow is the not-so-"Wild" movie that at one point, one of our three wisecracking hosts quips, "Hey, the movie is stuck. Should we get up and push?" So painful are the proceedings that when "The End" appears on-screen, we hear, "Oh, those are some lovely words."


Without the crew's commentary, "Wongo" would be flat-out unwatchable. The host segments lag a bit, but the bonus features spoofing the film are hysterical. Of all three Film Crew efforts thus far released, this is the weakest effort, but that still means one of the funniest things you'll see all year. 


"?Rod Lott

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