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The Final Destination



n of a deadly disaster, and gets out of harm's way. The disaster occurs exactly as predicted, but then death comes to take all the survivors, anyway "? one by one, via complex, Mouse Trap-style situations that are the hallmark of this series.

Whereas previous installments keyed off an airplane explosion, a highway collision and a runaway roller coaster, this "Destination" takes us to the speedway. There, collegian Nick (Bobby Campo, "Legally Blondes") sits in the stands with his girlfriend and their pals, watching a high-speed auto race.

Nick gets a frightening feeling and sees a horrific accident that's about to happen "? one caused by an errant screwdriver on the track, sending car after car into audience member after audience member. This sequence is comically over-the-top "? even more so in 3-D "? and, like any real-life accident you may pass, you can't help but look.

A freaked-out Nick and friends vacate the stands, along with a few others they piss off along the way. (Don't get too used to them; their characters are credited with names like MILF, Racist and Cowboy, anyway.) The crash indeed happens, but these lucky few survive ... for now. As is standard operating procedure, the reaper will come for them sooner than later.

And he's as grim as ever! How else to explain the scene in which a man is on fire as he's dragged behind a tow truck, to the tune of War's "Why Can't We Be Friends?"

This movie's crew of unfortunate souls seems evenly split between people you can't wait to see get what's coming to them, and people you kinda sorta like, maybe. The cast lacks a lovable standout like previous "Destination" travelers Mary Elizabeth Winstead or Ali Larter, but there are nods aplenty to their accident-prone adventures.

The opening credits play like a "greatest hits" collection of the other films' kills, albeit rendered via X-ray,


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