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The Fly Collection




No slight to David Cronenberg's acclaimed "The Fly" remake, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the 1958 original. Ever since I caught it as a kid on local UHF showings, its story of science gone awry never has failed to capture my attention, and its closing scene ("Help me!") still chills.


It's just one film among the four discs in "The Fly Collection," which may be the DVD release of the year in my book. It also includes the lower-budgeted insta-sequel, "Return of the Fly," entertaining but inessential, and the all-but-lost third piece of the trilogy, "The Curse of the Fly." So obscure is that one that few knew of its existence.


"Curse" isn't content with being another redo that "Return" is; it's a totally different approach that takes the teleportation concept down more intelligent roads, with equally dire results (and far more mutations).


The disc of extras push this "Collection" over the top into must-own status, containing not only trailers for all three old "Fly" films, but an hour's worth for other 20th Century Fox horror and sci-fi efforts, old and new.


There's also a short making-of documentary on the first movie and star Vincent Price's episode of A&E's "Biography." —Rod Lott

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