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After seeing the trailer for the white-trash karate comedy "The Foot Fist Way," I couldn't wait for it to hit local theaters this summer. But I had to, because it never arrived. And now I know why. This is one of the most disappointing flicks of the decade.

Danny McBride is a funny guy in "Tropic Thunder," "Hot Rod" and "The Heartbreak Kid." But those are all supporting roles. Here, he's the star, and a little of his shtick goes a long, long way. McBride plays Fred Simmons, owner of a low-rent martial-arts school for kids. His wife is cheating on him and "¦ well, that's about it story-wise.

It's as if McBride and co-writer/director Jody Hill decided to wing it rather than flesh things out. The movie feels like a collection of sketches, of ideas, most revolving around Fred yelling at his pupils. Will Ferrell (who "presents" this film) did the same thing as a soccer coach in "Kicking & Screaming," but at least that had a plot, however rote. Shorn of story, it's just a joke repeated several times too many, to where a mere 85 minutes tests one's patience.

While it's not devoid of laughs, most of them are in the trailer. Several deleted scenes are on the DVD, including a brave one of which is an alternate ending in which Fred kills his wife by snapping her neck. Too bad the movie didn't use it, because it could take all the yuks it could get. "?Rod Lott

The disc contains no extras, and while the main feature is split into two episodes, they collectively run just over two hours total.

"?Rod Lott


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