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The formula for Friday fun? Kids + Science Museum Oklahoma = Chemistry Day!


Chemistry Day
9 a.m., Friday
Science Museum Oklahoma, 2100 N.E. 52nd
$10.95 adults, $8.95 seniors and children 4"?12

On Friday, kids can experiment with a host of chemistry-related projects and have a good time while learning the fundamentals of science.

Chemistry Day, an annual event for Science Museum Oklahoma, 2100 N.E. 52nd, is a day chock full of explosions, educational activities and the occasional poop joke.

"The reaction kids have on this day is phenomenal," said Alex Mattison, museum communications coordinator. "As a museum that aspires to spread science literacy across the state, that really makes us happy to see."

From student groups and homeschoolers to children just happening to visit, anyone is welcome to participate in the festivities. Starting at 9 a.m. Friday, the day is slated to be filled with activities such as rocket launchings, creating slime, a competition based on the periodic table of elements, and, of course, explosions, Mattison said.

One activity in particular proves to be an annual favorite: cheese balls dipped in liquid nitrogen, which are safe to consume. The real fun comes, however, when dragon-like smoke begins to pour from the mouths, noses and sometimes even ears of those who consume the treats.

The event does not require registration or an extra cost to museum patrons. Participants can enjoy Chemistry Day with regular admission, which is $10.95 for adults and $8.95 for seniors and children 4"?12.

For more information, call 602-6664 or visit "Ta'Chelle Jones

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