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The Frozen



Mike knows Emma isn't thrilled about the trip. What he doesn't know is that she's just found out she's pregnant. That's an issue they can deal with later, however; more pressing is that their snowmobile crashes, leaving them injured and no cell signal to call for help. Plus, it appears they are being followed.

It's difficult to discuss The Frozen further without spoiling its turns, even if those number few and come far between. Hyatt's debut could stand some screw-tightening, and I can appreciate its ending without actually admiring it.

It does have a lot going for it, though: the built-in atmosphere of winter, a propulsive score by Golden State’s James Grundler, a nightmare sequence creepier than most horror films and, most of all, a terrific performance by Morgan. Carrying the weight of the film on her shoulders, she's an actress I hope to see a lot more of. —Rod Lott

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