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A burglar must have thought he had hit the jackpot July 4 when he broke into Clinic Pharmacy in Edmond, according to a report from The Edmond Sun.

The unidentified person " actually, it's not clear if it was a man or a woman, it could have been a band of feral cats for all anyone knows " anyway, the person broke through the front glass doors and made for the medicine cabinet, setting off the alarm as he/she went.

The burglar grabbed four hydrocodone bottles and took off. Except when the pharmacist showed up with the police, he had a little surprise: He'd filled those four missing bottles not with one of the state's most abused drugs, but with M&M's, according to The Sun.

Ha! Looks like the pharmacist gets the last laugh with this caper. Oh, wait, make that Glynda Chu, spokeswoman for the Edmond Police Department.

"He had enough," Chu said of the creative pharmacist. "When he decided to fill his medicine bottles left out overnight with candy, it made for a true case of sweet justice."

Everyone's a comedian now, huh?

The last unanswered question is an obvious one: Were they regular M&M's or the peanut variety?

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