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The 'Gray ' village



It takes a village to raise a child. A hallmark of civilization is how societies have struggled to solve the evolutionary dilemma of mother's baby being daddy's maybe. The biological fact of it is universal while the greatly varied attempts to answer it are an aspect of culture.

Social problems are subjective. What is a problem in one society isn't considered a problem at all in another. In that sense, social problems are aspects of culture.

Marriage is more often a civic obligation imposed than a right granted. What occurs naturally, naturally occurs, so marriage is more about circumventing nature than facilitating it. We are a social species that uses sexual bonds, reproductive and non-reproductive, to form social bonds. As a rule, committed relationships are not considered social problems. A culture's institutions change along with it, marriage not excluded!

It is interesting that Roger Barton's letter ("'Gray' for gay," May 12, 2010, Gazette) appeared at the same time the news media made much of how terrorists have used "marriage fraud" as a means to obtain legal status here in the

United States. In this "village," terrorism is a social problem.

In one short letter, Barton traversed from constitutional rights to eugenics being used to solve our social problem of overpopulation. Seems that if he doesn't like your dietary habits, he will take away your reproductive rights. I can think of no more vile form of hate speech! Considering the historical oppression of homosexuals, one might think a gay rights activist would temper their free speech away from that sort of thing.

It does take a village to raise a child, and villages have always sought to regulate just who is related to whom. Each villager is an absolute authority in what sort of village he or she wants theirs to be. In this village, he has his right to express his views on some sort of gay final solution, and I have mine to express my objection and offense by it.
"Mark Mason

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