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The greenest senator?



The letter, addressed to Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, states, “I am giving you substantial advance notice with the hope that you will be able to schedule a special election concurrent with the existing election schedule and not impose any undue burden on Oklahoma taxpayers.”

Coburn’s thriftiness comes as no surprise to Oklahoma voters. For the past several years, he has issued a report detailing wasteful spending at the federal level. He spares no one’s feelings, including the people of Oklahoma.

In 2011, Coburn identified several state projects that he believed were not needed, including more than $1 million in Weed and Seed grants from the U.S. Department of Justice to Oklahoma City. The money was used to purchase several Japanese-style swords costing $200 each, a $4,400 65-inch flat-screen TV, 40 pairs of binoculars and several arcade games costing $800 each.

The annual report, titled Wastebook, chides federal agencies that spend money on projects unrelated to the security, health and wealth of the nation.

In 2012, Wastebook detailed
$19 billion in eye-opening government expenses, including robotic
squirrels, menus for Martians and a musical about climate change.

it’s not a shocker that Coburn would want the special election to fill
his Senate seat to be conducted in a costeffective manner. Yes, he’s a
penny-pincher, but isn’t that what’s needed in Congress?

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