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The Horror Show



Aliens' Lance Henriksen stars as Lucas McCarthy, a police detective tormented by the memory of sneering evil killer Max Jenke (Brion James, Blade Runner), whom he helped put in prison. Jenke is sentenced to death and bursts into flames in the electric chair. Somehow he busts out of the straps and walks across the room to tell McCarthy that he'll get him yet.

The rest of the movie — which cannot live up to that scene — has McCarthy and his family haunted by Jenke's spirit in their two-story residence. Jenke pops out of nowhere over and over, sometimes in drag, sometimes as a crudely animated ghost, but most notably — and appropriately — as a turkey the detective prepares to carve for the family dinner. 

It's every bit as silly as it sounds and co-written by Alan Smithee, which should say it all.  — Rod Lott

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