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The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Fourth Season



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All 18 episodes of the final full season of CBS' Seventies prime-time smash "The Incredible Hulk" comes to DVD in a four-disc set. Like the others, it's a must-own for those who grew up finding it appointment television.

As always, the series follows Dr. David Banner (Bill Bixby, sympathetic as ever) from town to town, fleeing nosy journalist Jack McGee (Jack Colvin) and taking on odd jobs to scrape by. "Wax Museum" finds him helping out at the titular site, where a female co-worker is unknowingly dosed with LSD by her father and sees crazy hallucinations.

The two-part "The First" brings David hope that a cure can be found to de-Hulk him forever, but instead comes face to face with a creature just like him (Dick Durock of "Swamp Thing"). Another two-parter, "Prometheus," provided a terrific season opener with near-epic scale, involving a meteor crash, a secret government project and Banner stuck in his transformative state.

"Hulk" followed a formula "? one that saw two Hulk-outs per episode "? which is all part of the show's comfortable nature; so few of them disappoint (although the unintentionally silly "Half Nelson," with its dwarf wrestling plot, is one). Extras include a look at casting the Hulk (revelation: an approached Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested eventual role winner Lou Ferrigno, who gets to play a bodybuilder in the "King of the Beach" ep) and a brief promo for the pretty darn good Edward Norton film, heavily inspired by this beloved sci-fi series.

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