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The Jesus and Virgin Mary World Tour



Latest Playdates:

Las Vegas, August (Jesus on a sticker on woman's toilet lid) Bryan, Texas, July (Mary on a bird dropping on the side mirror of a pickup truck) Ravena, N.Y., June (Jesus in a coffee stain on a mason jar) Dallas, May (Jesus-shaped piece in a bag of Cheetos) Harlingen, Texas, May (Mary's image on a dry-cleaning company's press) Calexico, Calif., April (Mary on the griddle of the Las Palmas restaurant) New Gloucester, Maine (Jesus on the neck of a guitar) Sudbury, Ontario, April (Jesus on a maple leaf being raked) Netherlands, April (Jesus on a Kit Kat bar)

(Only the news report of the Bryan, Texas, sighting indicated that pilgrims were actually visiting the site to pray.)

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