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The Kingdom



ner, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman) arrives on Saudi soil despite the objections of the big brass within the U.S. government who don't want to offend Saudi sensibilities or strain the alliance with the royal family. But the team tones down Garner's filthy infidel rack, and starts to investigate.


But wait! They can't take evidence, dig for clues, interview people or do any of the work they came to do, so they get mad "? and more determined. What they uncover is a well-coordinated terrorist plot and complacency by the Saudi government and the bullets start whizzing.


Tense action scenes directed by Peter Berg and some horrifying imagery involving young Middle Eastern children and their exposure to the horrors of global jihad make for some riveting moments though much of the needed terrorist backstory isn't included. R


"?Joe Wertz 


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