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The Lather Effect





Terrible title, terrible movie. "The Lather Effect" takes place in the aftermath of a huge, 20-year-reunion party for the graduating class of Pali High Reunion, where a small circle of friends hangs around, cleans up, gets stoned, but mostly whines and mopes for 95 minutes.


Like "The Big Chill," they group together in one big house and never leave. But "The Big Chill" was really good, and this manages neither a single laugh nor genuine moment of drama. Every note of it is false, primarily because there's no likable character; all of them are prone to being miserable at how terrible their lives are because they have responsibilities. The one character who seems sensible (Tate Donovan) is made out as the movie's quasi-villain because he tells them all that pining for their past is pointless.


Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll "? "The Lather Effect" has all of those elements, yet nothing is made from it. A terrific cast "? featuring Connie Britton, Eric Stoltz, Ione Skye and Peter Facinelli "? is wasted (and I don't mean from the poolside pot smoke).


"?Rod Lott



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