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The law abides



Suhail Shanti’s fingerprints were recorded electronically and run through the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, which produced the felony warrant in the National Criminal Information Center database.

Shanti, who attended what is now Carl Albert State College, is currently awaiting the state-to-state extradition process for the alleged murder of fellow international student Mohamed Ayman Al-Zein, then 21, at the Hillview Apartments in Poteau, according to The Southwest Times Record, based in Fort Smith, Ark.

A “Suhail Shanti” based in British Columbia described himself on LinkedIn as “a competent analyst and planner, creative problem solver, computer literate, strategic thinker, effective leader with entrepreneurial spirit and track record in delivering results.”

“Strategic thinker,” eh? Jonathan Walczak, who writes for Seattle Weekly, is dubious: “Had Shanti spent 30 seconds on Google, he would have seen that “for U.S. background checks, [applicants] may be questioned about [their] full criminal history."

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