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The local bug



To be fair, since Mother Nature can’t decide whether it’s winter or early spring, I’ve been considerably drugged on over-the-counter allergy meds.

The adage is true: Misery loves company. Which leads me to our regularly scheduled bit in which I make a case for you to shop local.

It’s not hard at all, given
the great shops the metro has to offer. Shop Good (3 N.W. Ninth; 702-
0517) is all about retail with a cause. Every stocked item has been
carefully chosen based on its sustainability.

find hand-knitted hats, hand-sewn bags and a nice selection (one of the
country’s first, I might add) of eyeglass frames by Warby Parker, which
focuses on quality, vintage- inspired styles. For each one you pur-
chase, a pair of glasses will be donated to someone in need. The Okay
See is a start-up by three locals — art teacher Eric Lyons, graphic
designer Blake N. Behrens and musician Kyle Simmons — dedicated to
creative T-shirt designs. Some of the newest include “Mt. Dunkmore,”
featuring the Thunder’s starting five, and “Party,” in which the P is
in the shape of Oklahoma.

Is Thicker Than Water” aims to support couples who are in the process
of adopting. Lyons and his wife, Kylie, were delighted when his fellow
partners surprised them with a shirt to help raise funds for the
couple’s adoption process. The design generated positive response, and
the project blossomed.

you’d like to pick up a shirt to support the cause, The Okay See’s
designs are at Blue Seven (7518 N. May; 604-5199), or order online at

you’re swept up in your shopping/philanthropic high, check out DNA
Galleries (1705 N.W. 16th; 525-3499). If you’ve never been, shame on
you! You can pick up The Okay See T-shirts here, too, as well as prints
by artist Tammy Brummel and paintings by a variety of local artists.
This nook of Oklahoma-themed treasures will keep you entertained for
hours. While you’re in, get information on how you can help out with
DNA’s fundraising efforts for mural art that will appear at Saints.

Squelch that shopping bug or just help out your fellow Oklahomans by purchasing local. Let’s shop, OKC!

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