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The Lost Future



But I'm referring to "Game of Thrones."

Sean Bean's also at the center of a decent, indie film where the nearby land has been wiped out, and where a disease has rendered some villagers into monsters.

But I'm referring to "Black Death."

Sean Bean's again at the center of "The Lost Future," which could fit any of the above descriptions except for the "critically acclaimed" and "decent" part. A Syfy-aired telefilm, it's so bargain-basement awful, it's difficult to believe Bean would have any part in it, especially since it's an hour and a half of him and the supporting cast (who look like seemingly rejected "Xena" extras) getting chased by and/or hunting down terribly cheap CGI creatures.

The effects issue is doubly unfortunate, considering director Mikael Solomon built his career on SFX, and got nominated for an Oscar for doing so. He can do much better, and has (see: "The Andromeda Strain" remake and about a third of the "Camelot" TV series). Just to clear things up: Yeah, I hated it. —Rod Lott

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