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The Love Guru




Reviewer's Grade: D

In his "Saturday Night Live" days, Mike Myers had a gift for creating characters "? Wayne Campbell, Dieter, Linda Richman "? who were outrageous without being ludicrous. There was an internal logic to their behavior; you had the impression that they were based on people Myers must have known or observed. They rang with authenticity.

In "The Love Guru," Myers' Guru Pitka is nothing more than a collection of wheezy shticks that are neither funny nor irreverent. He plays a madcap spiritual advisor enlisted by the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs (Jessica Alba, "The Eye") to help motivate the team's star player (Romany Malco, "Baby Mama") by reuniting him with his estranged wife.

The storyline doesn't matter, really. No one in the movie seems to care about it, so why should we? What matters are penis jokes, urine-soaked mops, copulating elephants, diarrhea noises and a chance to laugh at people who look different. PG-13

"?Phil Bacharach


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