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The Matt Stansberry Band preps to deliver its brand of 'evolution rock' to its hometown



Two months ago, Edmond's own The Matt Stansberry Band was more than 6,400 miles away, spreading its pop-rock sound to sold-out crowds across Japan. On Saturday, the innovative musicians will take the stage back at home for a jet-lag-free show at downtown's LiT Lounge, at 10 p.m. Saturday.

It wasn't hard for these enthusiastic Okies to find a way to win the hearts of music lovers worldwide. It just took one passionate, singing, songwriting, self-taught guitarist and his three musically talented college buddies to make it happen.

Front man Stansberry has been surrounded by music since birth, so he eats, breathes and sweats all that is tunes. But his tastes aren't discriminatory, as he enjoys everything from jazz and funk to reggae and gospel. This explains the impossible-to-categorize music created by his band, which Stansberry summed up with a self-coined sonic descriptor.

"People would ask what we sound like and we couldn't give them enough answers, so we decided we needed a term to sum it all up," Stansberry said. "Music has taken a bit of the turn toward the center of itself. Everyone is into everything these days, and we are just trying to bring it all together. That's an evolution."

Behold "evolution rock" " a blend of classic rock and jazz, funk and jam " the old and the new.

"At the core, we're taking old music, jazz and blues, and putting a new twist on it," he said."Lauren Parajohn


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