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The Mean Spirits - Honeychild



The Mean Spirits are the musical equivalent of a weird guy you went on a date with' all your friends thought he was weird, and you agreed, but you secretly dated him anyway.

Diminished psychedelic, punky chords mark the metro band's new CD, "Honeychild," which lends the trio a surf sound that sounds like the Ramones on vacation. Lead vocalist/guitarist Zach Massey sneers like a young Fred Schneider, lazily sliding from note to note with a talking delivery that, while unique, wouldn't suit listeners keen to sing along. The band clearly knows how to handle its instruments, and the album is polished, well-produced and kind of strange.

Interesting chords and quirky lyrics comprise the seven-song release. Lines like "I'd open up your heart / And drink your blood like it was wine" pepper the song "Legs and Eyes," which perfectly explains the band's obscurity.

The album-titled track sounds like a "Scooby Doo" chase scene, its early tempo perfect for fleeing ghosts. The song later slows so Shaggy and Scooby can stop by the kitchen for some snacks. In "Brainwaves," the group is reminiscent of The Hives, packing spacey, psychedelic lyrics and guitar riffing.

"Honeychild" is definitely different, not taking itself too seriously.

"?Jamie Birdwell

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