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The Meat Purveyors-Someday Soon Things Will Be Much Worse!



Bloodshot Records

If Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver were mean drunks, they would be The Meat Purveyors. When last I saw them six years ago in Dallas, Jo Stanli Walston was ripping through roots songs about pain and resentment as if she was confronting the audience for doing her wrong. Though the band has tempered that fire a bit since then in order to develop a more sophisticated sound, The Meat Purveyors do not come up short on hostility, thank the Lord.
"Plates a'Spinnin" shows that there is no love lost between the Austin band and the President. Bush-bashin' songs have become tiring standards for any album coming out from now until W leaves the White House, but the vivid metaphor between our oil consumption and the circus trick is charming. The Meat Purveyors invented the idea of the metal mandolin and they go a long way to prove that the traditional roots instrument can add just as much attitude to a band as a Les Paul.
- Charles Martin

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