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Kevin and Anita Robinson definitely fall into the “so cute it makes you sick” couples category.

They’ve been married for more than 10 years, after meeting in their native Alabama. They were introduced through mutual friends at a small music club, then fostered a relationship by exchanging mixtapes. They decided to start playing music with each other, and got good enough to release some albums and tour the country together in a tiny tour van.

They had no intention of ever settling down in any one place, before relocating to their adopted home of Portland, Ore., where they will surely live happily ever after, writing and recording music in their home studio.

Ready to gag yet? Anita Robinson used to be worried you would.

“I used to be cautious about that. I didn’t want people to think we were bubblegum, lovey-dovey, cutesy sort of stuff,” she said. “I wanted to be tough and cool and a serious musician. Now, I’ve lightened up. Sure, some of songs are love songs, but so are they for a lot of bands. I don’t think we could avoid it even if we wanted to.”

Although their psychedelic indie music has always been kind of adorable, with shared vocal duties and oft optimistic nature, Viva Voce generally shied away from the gimmicky nature of marrieds making music by adding a sometimes heavy, darker tone.

But the two seem to be embracing it more than ever presently, sort of realizing the treasure that it truly is.

“It always sucks to leave your loved ones behind when you go out on tour, but we don’t have to be lonely and heartbroken like most of our friends who play in bands,” she said, before pausing and laughing. “I feel like I’m rubbing it in.”

Viva Voce’s chemistry might be especially evident during Saturday’s stop at Opolis, the venue the couple consciously sought to return to because it reminds them of their first encounter.

“We met a place a lot like Opolis. It was a big deal for people like me; there was no way to see live music unless it was some bar band doing covers or big, expensive arena shows,” she said. “That’s why we play there: It’s supporting the same thing that was important to me and him.”

The duo will introduce songs from their forthcoming record, “The Future Will Destroy You,” set for a June release. Although the record was completed about a week ago, they can hardly wait to unleash it.

“It’s so new, I can’t even begin to try to describe it or even listen to it with any objectivity yet. It was relatively painless,” Anita Robison said. “Well, it was painless for me. It just occurred to me that if you asked Kevin that same question, he would have said the exact opposite. That’s how it goes when you are married.”

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