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Credit: Brad Gregg

Odds are it was Bixby resident Todd Jason Rutherford.

The New York Times reports that in 2010, Mr. Rutherford launched the website He advertised to self-published authors eager to expand their fan base beyond friends and family members that he would write one review of their sparkling masterpiece for $99. For $999, he’d write 50.

Soon, Rutherford was making a reported $28,000 a month — enough to rent a small office in Tulsa and employ two assistants.

the good times did not end happily ever after. A disgruntled client
posted complaints all over the self-publishing blogosphere. Google
suspended Rutherford’s advertising account and Amazon took down many of
his reviews.

plans to get back in the book-reviewing game ASAP. In the meantime,
he’s selling RVs in Oklahoma City. Chicken-Fried News hears that the RVs are totally
compelling and stunningly awesome.

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