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The Mummy: Special Edition




As good as "Frankenstein" is, when it comes to the classic movie monsters, I'll choose "The Mummy" every time. He may move slowly, but the 1932 that introduced him is a quick watch —? a mix of horror, mystery and adventure that still plays well today.

Boris Karloff has the second-best role of his career as Ardath Bey / Imhotep, an Egyptian mummy revived when modern-day archeologists stumble upon an ancient spell. Alive once more, he seeks his long-lost love from thousands of years ago, who's been reincarnated and isn't too keen on a premature death so they can be together.

There was nothing wrong with the previous DVD of Karl Freund's atmospheric film, but now at two discs, there's even more to enjoy. New to this release is a 10-minute featurette that covers Universal's entire undertaking of "The Mummy" franchise, from Karloff to Brendan Fraser. For a more detailed look, however, check out the trailers for all the old black-and-white "Mummy" sequels, and click over to "Universal Horror," an outstanding feature-length documentary from 1998 in which Kenneth Branagh narrates the history of the studio's marriage with monsters, forever changing the face of film. For the better, of course.

Rod Lott

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