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The Nanny Diaries



1:place w:st="on">Upper East Side ice queen Mrs. X (Laura Linney) and her son, Grayer. Annie lies to her nurse mom, who only wants the best for her daughter, and tries to keep her best friend (singer Alicia Keys) in good graces, while she decides if she can stand breaking Grayer's heart to live her own life. Linney plays the bitch role perfectly, delivering a truly selfish and pretentious performance, matched only by her husband, played by Paul Giamatti). Mr. X can't stand his life, his wife or his son. He does like to travel, though, and he seems to like his secretary and his money.


Cute and fun, but sometimes predictable and over-the-top, "The Nanny Diaries" manages to make you laugh more than groan. Have your nanny take the kids to see it; both will have a good time. PG-13


"?Joe Wertz   


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