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The next Bieber?



First off, we have to offer major kudos to Edmond sixth grader Greyson Chance. We're pretty sure you've seen the YouTube video of him singing and playing the piano to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi," or maybe you even saw him on "Ellen" last Thursday. Seriously, the kid is talented.

But why did CBS News, when talking about the young performer, have to bring up this Justin Bieber kid? We had no idea who this Canadian insta-star was until, like, two weeks ago. But we're kind of certain that The Biebs and Greyson have little in common. First, it seems Greyson, although they do have similar hairstyles, isn't nearly concerned enough about his coif. And second, we highly doubt he has a swagger coach.

A swagger coach. Who knew that was even a real career choice?

CBS makes the connection that Greyson is following Bieber on the path to superstardom; they even bring in the guy who discovered the near-infant Bieber, Scooter Braun.

Says Scooter: "As far as becoming a child star into an adult star, the secret is becoming a good adult. The business is a lot harder than people realize."

Uh, I think people realize just how hard the business is, Scooter. See exhibits A-infinity: Britney, Lindsay, both Coreys, that Little Jenny chick from "Gossip Girl" who refuses to wear pants.

All we have to say is, Greyson, you did great. Now please don't become the next Bieber (which, by the way, that kid is like 16, so why are people already looking for his replacement?). Do your own thing, and you'll be just fine.

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