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The Octopus Project return to Norman Music Fest after playing massive festivals



The Octopus Project
Midnight, Saturday, Opolis Stage

The Octopus Project has seen its share of big venues. Over the past four years, the band has played some of the nation's biggest festivals, including Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and Coachella.

The Project began in 1999 with guitarist Josh Lambert, drummer Toto Miranda and friends at the University of Texas. The group blends elements of pop and electronics to create a unique sound their fans have dubbed "American indietronica."

"We try to expand the pallette of sound as much as we can," Miranda said about the act's use of unique instruments. "That's what were most excited about. We're trying to get the right sound and the widest range to do that. Electronics give us this opportunity."

The band incorporates nontraditional instruments like the glockenspiel and the theremin. The Project's third album, "Hello, Avalanche," uses the blips and bleeps of an electronic circus to entertain, distorted guitar in one ear and the tones of the theremin in the other.

"We're psyched to play the festival," Miranda said. "We love Norman and The Opolis." "Luke Atkinson

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